Preventing fraud

Fraudsters target any and all businesses and rely on exploiting their victims’ weaknesses.  Understanding those weaknesses and risks is the most effective way for a business to protect themselves against fraud.

While all businesses are different in size, approach and appetite for risk, there are some general principles that can be applied to all business situations.  There is no one-size fits all approach to fraud prevention. Instead, it is about adopting a general mindset of awareness and action in the parts of your business that could be vulnerable.

Below you will find a number of documents regarding the latest information about fraud including; prevention methods, fraud review and advice.

ACFE, Anti fraud professionals compensation guide (2013/2014)

Action Fraud, What happens to your information (infographic)

Audit Commission, Protecting the public purse (November 2013)

CIFAS, Investigations support (2013/14)

CIFAS, Fraudscape (March 2014)

CIFAS, Fraudscape (August 2013)

CIFAS, Problem profile bulletin: Digital wallets (February 2014)

CIFAS, The true cost of insider fraud (November 2013)

City of London Police, Guidance to businesses on the Bribery Act 2010 (2014)

European Commission, Cyber security (November 2013)

European Commission, Fraud Risk Assessment (2013)

FFA UK, Annual review (2013)

FFA UK, Fraud the facts (2013)

Fighting fraud together, The strategic plan to reduce fraud

Home Affairs Committee, E-Crime

Kaspersky, Security bulletin 2013 (December 2013)

KPMG, Fraud Barometer (2013)

KPMG, Fraud Barometer (January 2014)

KPMG, Global profiles of the fraudster (2013)

KPMG, Who is the typical fraudster? (2011)

Kroll Advisory, Global fraud report (2012)

National Fraud Authority, Annual fraud indicator (June 2013)

NFIB, Intelligence debrief report (February 2014) 

NFIB, Royal mail email scam alert (December 2013)

NFIB, The use of email hacking for payment diversion (2013)

Symantec, Internet security threat report vol. 18 (2013)

University of Leicester, Oxford, Cardiff, Corporate insider threat detection: Cyber security inside and out (March 2014)

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